Choosing hymns for Sunday Mass

Angels singing
let’s all keep singing

I usually know before I start a blog whether it’s for The Tablet or for this website, but I was in two minds about this one. I wanted to write about choosing the hymns for Sundays, which meant it was about Church music, but it wasn’t specifically psalm-based. But after all, I have written about hymns here before, so it was a difficult decision to make.

Swans singing
Hunting for extra members to boost choir

In the end,  I did it for The Tablet, but in fact I do want to publish it here too, because I know several of you also have to choose the hymns for the congregation week by week. It’s a joy choosing the hymns, but it’s also quite a responsibility. So here’s a blog about how I do it and the different things I try to remember during the process. I hope you find it interesting, and maybe even a bit useful. The most important thing is that we all keep singing. There’s a Serbian proverb I was charmed to discover : Ko peva, zlo ne misli, which means ‘If someone’s singing, there’s no room for ill will’, which is a great thought when you see a congregation all joining in.

Snail shell with person emerging
encouraging the singing


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Author: Kate Keefe

Kate Keefe composes music for responsorial psalms, gospel acclamations and the Mass for English speaking Catholic congregations all over the world, using the local lectionary for UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the US and the Philippines. She writes about what comes up in the process, and blogs about the Synod, family life and women in the Church for The Tablet.

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